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A native of Sichuan, raised in Kelamayi, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, China, Zhou Juan graduated from the Central Conservatory of Music (CCOM) in Beijing where she received her BA and MA degrees in Composition, studying with Guo Wenjing. Her hard work made her the top student at CCOM. In 2004, she entered CCOM Graduate School with 1st-place achievement and waiver of entrance exams. In 2007, she was awarded as the first Edgar Snow Fellowship student from CCOM and started pursuing her doctoral degree at the University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC), instructed by Zhou Long, Paul Rudy, Chen Yi and James Mobberley. She is now a UMKC Chancellor’s Doctoral Fellowship student.

As a young composer, Ms. Zhou received awards including Chinese Music Golden Bell Award of the Association of Literature and Arts of China, 12th GEDOK Confederation of Associations of Women Artists and Patrons of the Arts International Composition Competition, “Liu Tianhua” Chamber Composition Competition for Chinese Traditional Instrument, 2009 “Palatino” Awards, Staunton Music Festival Emerging Composer Award and both 2008 and 2009 UMKC Chamber Composition Competition. She received commissions and fellowships from Nieuw Ensemble, Kansas City Electronic Music & Arts Alliance, Mizzou New Music Summer Festival, New Dramatists Composer-Librettist Studio, Virginia Arts Festival, California Summer Music, Nelson-Atkins Museum of Arts, Chinese Education Ministry, Fu Chengxian Commemorate Scholarship Foundation, Bao Steel Education Award, Viacom - Summer M. Redstone Fellowship, and Edgar Snow Foundation for her outstanding achievement on- and off-campus. Her music has been performed in Beijing, Hong Kong, Germany, the Netherlands and the United States, and is well recognized for its infinite imagination, drama and delicacy.



Zhou Juan was born in Sichuan Province in 1981 and raised in Kelamayi, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, the Gobi desert of Northwest China.

Ms Zhou began to write music at the age of eight. During the early 90s, her songs Our Hope, Spring and Village Child were published in professional publications under Chinese Musicians Association, including Children Music and Young Artist.

In 1996, Ms Zhou began her academic study of music in Beijing. She is in Kansas City.


2007-present  University of Missouri-Kansas City Conservatory of Music and Dance

             DMA (music composition). Study with Zhou Long, Paul Rudy, Chen Yi and James Mobberley


2004-2007    Central Conservatory of Music, Beijing.

             MA (music composition).Composition study with Guo Wenjing; qin performance with Li Xiangting


1999-2004     Central Conservatory of Music

             BA (music composition). Study with Guo Wenjing, Ami Maayani, and Fan Naixin


1996-1999    China Conservatory of Music, High School, Beijing.

             Composition study with Shi Wanchun and Wang Yueming


            Accomplished Instruments  qin (Chinese ancient seven-string zither); piano




UMKC Women Council GAF



Staunton Music Festival Emerging Composer Award

“Palatino” Award the 4th Music Composition (vocal music) Competition

Kansas City Electronic Music & Arts Alliance Newbie Commission

UMKC Chamber Music Competition

UMKC Chancellor’s Doctoral Fellowship

UMKC Women Council GAF



UMKC Chamber Music Competition, 1st Place

3rd “Liu Tianhua” Chamber Composition Competition for Chinese Instrument

Kansas City Chorale Crescendo Competition for Choral Works

UMKC Conservatory Top 10 Award



Snow Scholarship from Edgar Snow Memorial Foundation

UMKC Conservatory Top 10 Award



Fu Chengxian Commemorate Scholarship

Central Conservatory Excellent Graduate Student Award



Central Conservatory Vocal Composition Competition, “Best Composition”



Chinese Musicians Association Musical Works Chamber Music Competition



Composition Award, Chinese Association of Literature and Arts 2nd Chinese GoldenBell Award for Music

Viacom-Sumner M. Redstone Fellowship



GEDOK (Verband der Gemeinschaften der Künstlerinnen und Kunstförderer e.V.)  12th International Composition Competition for Female” (Germany,) the Fuchs-Award

National Baogang Education Award



Chinese Education Ministry People’s Scholarship, 1st place



Central Conservatory of Music New Student Full Scholarship



China Conservatory of Music Elitist Student Scholarship


            Musical activities & highlights


Impro: Drunken Crazy, qin performance, UMKC Chinese Scholar & Student Association Chinese New Year  Celebration, UMKC Pierson Center, Jan. 31  

Second Language Study: Water Your Memory, Composers’ Guild Concert, UMKC Grant Hall, Feb. 16



Ringbell-Farewell, Composers’ Guild Concert in UMKC White Hall, Feb. 2nd

Tuning, UMKC Musica Nova final concert,2009 Chamber Music Competition, Feb.  12th 

Ringbell-Farewell, in Faculty Recital of UMKC Conservatory Academy, Mar. 7th

Wind performed by Grammy Winner, Kansas City Chorale, Mar 20-21

Chinoiserie: qin lecture recital, traditional repertoire and new compositions by Ms. Zhou at the Kansas City Nelson – Atkins Museum of Arts, Apr. 24th

Attend 2009 Virginia Arts Festival John Duffy Composer Institute, premiere of opera Wu Kong I, May

Today, On the Silk Road for qin solo, premiere at “Concert for Global Peace” presented by the International Visitors Council of Greater Kansas City

Presentation at KKFI 90.1FM Station, Sep.23rd

Interview, Zhou Juan’s musical life, at KKFI 90.1FM, Oct. 21st



Second Language, premiere in the Final Concert of UMKC Composition Chamber Competition

California Summer Music. If the Light Sees Me and Tuning, premiere at the final concert

Ringbell-Farewell was performed in KcEMA concert series at Kansas City Neon Gallery

Temple –Lingyin, premiere in KcEMA concert series with the Kansas City Urban Culture Project at La Esquina; gu qin and bass clarinet version was performed in Composers’Guild Concert at UMKC Grant Hall

Leaves of Grass was selected and performed in ScoreXchange project of Adorno Ensemble

Tale of the Fox – Painted Skin was premiered in the first CO(mp)LLABORATIONS project

The Sun Rises on the UMKC Chinese New Year Celebration



 Leaves of Grass was performed in the UMKC Composers’ Guild Concert



Wind commission and premiere, at the 15th Anniversary Commemorate Concert of Fu Chengxian Scholarship, Concert Hall of CCOM, Nov. 24th

Scent of West Wind commission and premiere, Xu Hui’s Erhu recital, CCOM Concert Hall, May 15th



Ming commissioned by Nieuw Ensemble, Den Hague, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, and Scheveningen, Oct. 12-15


2004   Lou Lan - the Lost World, performed by Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra “Music from the heart II”, Hong Kong Cultural Center, June 6th


2003   Erhu Concerto Tide of River Han on Liu Beimao’s original tune, Commemorate concert of Liu Beimao by Chinese Youth Orchestra, Beijing University Commemorate Hall, and Concert Hall of CCOM


2002   War, premiere, Composer Student Concert, Concert Hall of CCOM


2000   Female, premiere, Composition Freshman Report Concert, CCOM Recital Hall

Teaching Experience

2007-present   University of Missouri-Kansas City, Kansas C

Instructor of Non-Western Music, Ensemble for Composers, Senior Composition Studio



2007-2009     Smith-Hale Middle School, Ruskin High School, Paseo Academy of Performing Arts

Lecturer of music theory & music composition, Composer-In-Teaching-School Program


2000-2006    Central Conservatory of Music, Beijing, China

Graduate Assistant

Translated for Master Lectures commissioned by Foreign Affair Office; assisted “Beijing  Modern Music Festival” of 2004, 2005, and 2006; 2005 “Musicacoustica – Beijing,” and many academic affairs. 2005-2006    Center for Electro-acoustic Music of China, Beijing, China


Designed & instructed composition classes


 2004-2007    School of Music, Central University for Nationalities, Beijing, China


 Designed and instructed classes in music composition with focus areas of Orchestration, Counterpoint,  

 Contemporary harmony


 2003-2004    Music Dept., Beijing Education Collage, Beijing, China


 Designed and instructed music classes for Advanced Education of Beijing region middle school teachers