Music Notes

      Work List:                                            


     Orchestra works:

     Before “Curtain!” for wind symphony (2009); 7min

     Legend of Wu Kong for orchestra (2008); 12min

     Far-away Land for mezzo-soprano and orchestra (2008); 10min

    Tian Ya, (End of Heaven), for orchestra (2004); 10min

    Honor, Beijing 18th Middle School, for band (2006) based on the School’s Song; 5min


     Chamber works:

     Second Language Study II for jazz combo (2009); c.8min

     Fanfares for two trumpets (2008); 30sec.x3

     If the Light Sees Me, for string quartet (2008); 12min

     Second Language, for jazz comb and cello (2007); 10min

     Tuning, string duet (2008); 9 min

     Ming, for 12 players (2005); 11min

     Flagrance of papaya, for piccolo, horn, harp, violin, cello, and contrabass (2005);


     Leaves of grass, for piccolo, clarinet, marimba, violin, and cello (2003); 7min

     War, string quartet (2002); 12min

     Dun Huang, woodwind sextet (2001); 10min

     Four essays, for violin and cello (2000); 10min

     Suo suo, for flute and piano (1999); 8min


     Solo works:

     Today, On the Silk Road, gu qin solo (2009); c. 5min

     I will finish this piece today! Euphonium solo (2009); c.7min

     Tale of the Fox – Painted Skin for flute solo (2008);8min

     Three fork songs, for piano (2000); 8min

     Happiness, for piano (1998); 5min


     Works include Chinese instruments:

     Temple – Linying, for gu qin (Chinese seven-string zither) and Clarinet (2008); 6min

     Scent of West Wind, for er hu, sheng, and contrabass (2006); 8min

     Lou Lan – the Lost world, quintet for bamboo flute, hu qin, pi pa, zheng, and percussion (2003); 9 min

     Female, for pi pa, cello, piano (2000); 8min


    Works for voice(s):

    Wu Kong I – opera (2008); 30min

    Goose, goose, goose for treble chorus, a cappella (2008);3min

    The Sun Rises – lament for the Sichuan Earthquake, song (2008); 5min

    Wind, for S.A.T.B. chorus, a cappella (2006); 6min

    Rain Bell-Farewell, for soprano and zheng (1999); soprano and gu qin (2008); 5min

    Night Rain at Xiao Xiang River, for soprano and piano (1998); 3min

    Winter---an elegy, for bass voice and piano (1997); 3min 





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